Getting started on the battle system

So green tiles on a screen isn’t a game. So my latest goal is to start working on the battle system. What I’m going for is a turn based tactical system similar to a fire emblem game but with more damage and generally shorter engagements. For that I will need a cursor to control where the player moves. This is the progress so far.


Looks pretty much the same…

Well sort of. I added a cursor (the black square) and a few UI elements that I will utilize shortly, but most of my changes are with the code that isn’t visible. All in all, I’ve rewritten a good chunk of my scripts so far.

I’ve added a game manager. In Unity it seems pretty common to have a game manager with a static version of itself. I utilized that technique for my game manager and its helps getting an easily reference game object to tie the rest of your game onto. But, I’m a little wary of overusing something like that. I think keeping things organized is important, and having a lot of those static objects floating around just because they are convenient doesn’t seem like a good idea.

With that in mind, I changed my entity manager from a static instance to a member of the game manager. My concept is simply its role to manage the list of entities, and I created a second manager called the battle manager to facilitate a turn based battle system.

Those changes broke pretty much everything that I had previously written. While I think the end result was worth it. I should probably be better at planning and not just “write code”.